Watch the short film here and read an interview with Apollonia (Dutch)

In this short documentary, we see the filmmaker, Apollonia, question her view on men. By letting boys talk about the expression of their emotions, she tries to find out if that view is accurate. She has never seen a man cry before. Finally, she approaches her father with the question: why do I so badly want men to get vulnerable with me? Can his closed nature be a cause for this? By creating a small frame around her characters, she tries to confront them. In that way, she wants to create an intimate and sincere image of what happens in the emotional minds of boys.

Directed: Apollonia Duijster
Production: Vera Eelkema en Daniel Knoot
D.O.P.: Bianca Quaedvlieg
Edit: Merijn van den Brand
Mixage: Mihai Gui

October 10, 2019

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