In Filthy Fingers filmmaker Apollonia Duijster condemns the taboo about female masturbation. By getting girlfriends to talk about it together, she tries to find out how far you should go in sharing these private topics. But also: are the things I do actually that weird or gross, or does everyone do them? In only fifteen minutes we go over this big problem with a humorous edge.

Direction/camera/edit: Apollonia Duijster
Camera assistance: Bianca Quaedvlieg, Annemieke Maass, Merijn van den Brand

Screened at Filmhuis Breda
Screened at de Mus Breda and Tilburg
Screened at bij Pop-Up Cinema Tilburg and Eindhoven

Nominated for Rotterdams Open Doek Seizoensfinale
Screened at MINT festival Rotterdam, GRRL HAUS CINEMA Rotterdam and KONTRA Rotterdam

Listen here to an interview about the film at FunX Radio Rotterdam

October 8, 2019

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